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Mico's Anime Shrine
Chun Li's Page
Street Fighter Page
Outlaw Star
Gundam Wing
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Games Cont.
This is Mico's Homepage.
Enjoy, take a look around, if you want pics u can take them. I don't remember where I got them but praises to the people I took them from. You guys rule.

Most of my site is Street Fighter and Chun Li. She is my all time favorite, sexy beast. Lol, I also have some old DBZ and GT, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Blue Submarine Number 6, etc.

If you have any questions or feedback, the last page of this site is set up just for you. When you get to that page, you'll see that I have a blog set up just to answer your questions with. I also have a journal on if any of you are curious and like to read other ppl's thoughts and see the face behind their masks. Be careful though, Mico is a lot more fun with her mask on.  Mico's Journal

If you are like me and you L-O-V-E Chun Li...this link takes you straight to her pics.  If you would like to submit some pics of her or any other anime character, just let me know. Chun Li's Page     I love all kinds of art check these sites out...  <=she's got good stuff  <= so does he


Anime is my obsession.